Welcome to Moffat Ecomuseum

Moffat Ecomuseum is part of a growing network of Ecomuseums that were set up to allow communities to manage their own heritage, conserving resources, traditions and memories that together define the community.

We are a digital treasure trove of stories about Moffat, contributed by the people who live, work, or have an interest in this burgh and its history. You will find such things as:

  • historical newspaper clippings about all sorts of things from obituaries to land sales;
  • photographs and biographies of people who have lived here, and people who still live here;
  • programmes and photographs from our annual festival, The Moffat Gala, going back to the 1950s; and from our yearly music festival, the Rammy.

But it doesn’t stop there.

An ecomuseum is a living, interactive, digital space for the community, and anyone can contribute their own files.
So if you have an album of photographs of your grandparent’s farm, you can share it here.
If you have researched the history of your house, street, or even your favourite pub, you can share that here too. And if you are looking for information about a particular Moffat spot, institution, or inhabitant, we hope you will find it here, if not right now, then soon. We are hoping the people of Moffat and district will build on the foundations we have constructed, and very much look forward to seeing what you can add to our collective story.

Simply click on the 'Add Records' link at the top of the page to contribute

The Moffat Ecomuseum team.